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How to search job?

After login clicnk on  FIND TUTOR JOBS tab, Here you can find differnt searching options.

Is it free of service?

As of now it is free , any one can register and get   student information  or tutor(teacher) information.


How to Register on this website?

Any one can register on this  webiste , After signup  you will get  mail verification, after completion mail  of verication  registrant can login using mail or user name, Any one can singup as  Tuotr or Stundent  but not both on same mail id.


What are online tuitions?

It is a digital platform setting wherein tutors and students meet for the purpose of studies and completion of certain set syllabus. It’s live real-time passing of instructions when students and tutors are in different locations.

Who can enroll for online teaching?

It’s the practice of teaching which one can do online and teach students. You have to satisfy our eligibility criteria before teaching. One can also teach from the comfort of your home. You should have computer skills

  • You should have communication and problem-solving skills
  • One should have a command of the subject you are teaching
  • You need a good internet connection

How much can I earn in online teaching?

You can charge as much as you want depending upon the required skill set, demand for particular skill, country you are in, living standards and number of clientele.

What are the timings?

Since it is a global process and you have to talk to the student for a suitable time requirement. As students have different preferences, you can provide them flexibility. Even you can teach from a hotel room or when you are on a holiday. Both the parties can mutually agree on time factor.

How will I teach online?

You can teach on our platform via Skype or Google hangouts.

Do I need a camera to teach online?

It is seen that from prior experience that most parents want webcam so that they can monitor who is teaching the students. So, you can keep a webcam with you whenever necessary, you can put the video accessible.

How is it beneficial for the parents of children?

Parents can also search tuitions for their children. We are the best online tuition providers in Andhra who go for one-on-sessions and offer personal attention so that your child shows performance on a regular basis. You can get the best tuitions out there and can monitor their progress on daily basis.

How is the platform beneficial for students?

One can learn in the comfort of their home rather than going anywhere. Personal attention is guaranteed and also improvement is the by-product. But it doesn’t all the responsibilities lies with the tutor; rather it lies on both the parties i.e. students and tutors.  It is a global platform for national and international students’ altogether.


How to collect payments for online teaching?

It will be directly provided in the bank. So, you can access them straight in your bank account.


How do I get students on this online platform?

Once you register with us, you have to make a profile. And we send your sufficient requirements. You should not rush and understand you are making an investment in the process of earning more money. You can also make videos of the syllabus and PPTs to make students understand the syllabus better. The more you help the student, the more he is attracted towards taking tuitions from you.


How can I change my phone number or email?

One can go to edit profile and change it whenever convenient.








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