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How to search job?

After login clicnk on  FIND TUTOR JOBS tab, Here you can find differnt searching options.

Is it free of service?

As of now it is free , any one can register and get   student information  or tutor(teacher) information.


How to Register on this website?

Any one can register on this  webiste , After signup  you will get  mail verification, after completion mail  of verication  registrant can login using mail or user name, Any one can singup as  Tuotr or Stundent  but not both on same mail id.

How to Apply for Job on andhratutor?

After signup  in first login for tutor or teacher need to fill profile , it is mandotary, after completion of  profile filling, Yor are ready to apply for jobs.

first login into your dash board, in that dashboard you  will find, wallet ,if want apply for job you need to topup  you wallet using BUY credits, option, after purchasing  credits you can apply for job, see applying means just we provide student information only.

 When applying for job  tutor jobs--->all tutor jobs

now all job will display on , now you can apply for requred job by clicking bold letters job heading which is top of the job, when clicking on this line, you will get full job disply , here you you will see view phone number by clicking this option you will get phone so you can contact  student directly.


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