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About Us

Andhra Tutors website is a free website, trusted by thousands of students and teachers, throughout the world.

          We Provide home tuition following   cities Home tuition Delhi,Online tuition Delhi, Home tuition Bangalore, Online tuition Bangalore, Home Tuition Hyderabad, Online tuition Hyderabad,Home tuition Vijayawada, Online tuition Vijayawada,Home tuition chennai, Online tuition chennai,Home tuition Trivandrum, Online tuition  Trivandrum, Home tuition Mubai, Online tuition Mumbai.

Our services:

    Home tuition,

   Online tuition,

   Assignment help,

  Guest teacher for schools,

 Tutors for schools,

  Tutor for colleges,

  Temperary Teacher  for schools,(When faculty is on  Leave)                                                                    

   Maths short cut method faculty,(as a Guest teacher),

   English Grammar  Teacher(as a Guest teacher).

       We have a digital online home tuition platform wherein both students and tutors register. We have the best-of-the-best teacher who helps you in cracking entrance exams like JEE, NEET,CEEP,EMACET,LAW CET,PG CET,DSC.TET AP,TET TS and various exams after class xii, On this  website tutor get student information and as well as student can get required tutor information, We have Thousands  tutor profiles on our website, We have profiles from all the India as well as from  other countries.  They help you prepare for the exam and complete your syllabus(CSBE,STATE,ICSE) well-in-time.  There are live and recorded lectures from class 1 to class 12. We teach concept-based and provide you with all the help related to preparation. We have had good results where students passed out in flying colors. We are the best home tutor in Andhra who do not go after theoretical approach but give preference for practical approach.

We have many home tutors available with us and one can also explore our site to register which is an easy medium. We teach children many skills like to be communicative, to be cooperative and to be good in studies. After all, it is a matter of children’s future- so we impart best home tuition in India.  We say if child is improving and getting success, we wish him all the best. But also guide them for doing hard work if they are stuck in studies. We help them in their good results and progress.

We track their reports and take care of their weekly and monthly results. We put every effort and go extra mile so that they achieve best of the results and pass well in yearly examinations. We tell them to exercise well, sleep well and take study breaks. Also play but do not go in extreme. Have water intake and study for at least minimum number of hours a day. Our teachers are well-read and they make use of online lectures and whiteboard approach. They take live classes and they have a unique teaching style which varies according to the student’s learning pace. Apart from school, tuitions are required because some students are shy and they don’t ask teachers their respective doubts, we solve them according to the learning pace of the student and make him/her understand the concepts very well. We have a unique learning system wherein teachers are whole-heartedly devoted to improvement of the marks obtained by students and we also regularly talk to parents regarding the progress of their ward. We go and grind ourselves so that the child’s future is bright and he shines in extra-curricular activities also.  We also give feedback and recommendations to the parents so that they give attention to their child.

Weak areas and strong areas

Teachers identify your weak and strong areas and hone your skills according to that. They take up doubt clearing sessions in a live class and help you in your improvement. They give personal attention to the child and taking up every question that he/she wants to ask. Practice based tests are available to check your progress and thereby, children can set and achieve their target.

10 benefits that you derive from home tuitions

1. Smaller teacher to student ratio

The teacher always goes as per student need. And provide them with one-to-one sessions. This is the number 1 reason to invest in private tuitions.

2. Right tutor

Teachers are fixed in schools and children do not have choice to change them. But in tuitions- one can choose the teacher which suits his/her learning style and teaches in the most effective manner.

3. reviews again and again

In schools, there is limited time that is given to the student as there are many students. But, in tuition extra review is given in the areas where student is struggling.

4. When parents find it difficult to cope with the children studies- they need extra help from coaching centers so that their children’s studies do not suffer. It proves to be an effective learning experience as students have a guide to be looked after.

5. Test practice

The students develop better and improved study skills. And with the help of practice based tests, they are able to do healthy competition among peers. It also helps in better performance in terms of grades.

6.  Makes them more confident

Tutors/teachers are able to find hidden talent/potential in the student which a school evidently misses in the garb of average intelligence. It develops and instills a feeling of confidence in the child when he is given extra care and attention.

7.  Saves students time and effort

When parents can’t help the students in their homework, then private tuition comes as a savior. It takes the pressure and burden off from students.

8.  Stronger drive to perform the best of their ability- as teachers are very much focusing on the success and studies of the child; child give in 100% and perform to the best of their ability and shows his fullest potential.

9. Children are ready for open discussion- in schools, children are scared to ask in a large class full of students, but in home tuition they have the freedom to speak out. It saves the time of both the parties i.e. teacher and student.

10. Students are taught by innovative methods 
As private tuition is one-to-one, tutors in Andhra Pradesh are experimenting with new teaching styles that are more effective for the student.   Innovative methods are being taught which means each child is given special attention and all are efforts are made to complete the syllabus well-in-time so that student perform best of his/her ability.

Each children ability are different and unique, his learning pace is unique, his potential is unique. So we identify the learning pace and teach according to different teaching styles. Mostly all the concepts are made to be understood and finally, a test depict the true understanding of the child.

We leave no stone unturned to make children learn and set the learning pace according to his/her learning curve. We are always there at his/her beck and call; and give our 100% so that child realize his fullest potential and achieve their own targets and goals. We are Home tutor in Andhra who provide them coaching to not even crack the competitive examination but to also top the examination.



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